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Composites Tomorrow (CT) is focused on providing niche area solutions in advanced composites. Our customers love us for being an Engineer to order (ETO) company. CT manufactures products, customized to customer design. The company today louds about its expertise to offer large variety of processes and materials, under single roof.

CT has expertise at various processes like like Resin infusion, prepreg moulding, Hand lay-up, compression moulding, and others. We also have experience working with an immense variety of materials. This includes carbon, para aramids, basalt, quartz, S glass, Jute, and similar other types of reinforcements.

The matrix system includes saturated thermosetting resins that can perform from room temperature to 400°C, with multiple functional groups and high chemical stability. CT also has competencies in multi-core sandwich composites and intricate assemblies. So far, CT has catered to a multitude of industry segments. These segments include drones, underwater vehicles, robots, medical equipment, orthotics, prosthetics, renewables, space applications, armors, and others. CT is also associated with a lot of academic research. We have been associated as a manufacturing partner with a number of research institutes and Ph.D. scholars.




Archal is an aviation enthusiast and a practicing engineer. He has been working with advanced composites since 2006. He has experience of working on several programs of national interest. He has worked with MNC, offers consultancies, author in international magazines, and assisted many researchers.

Archal Shah

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